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Does simplicity and habit help with weight loss?

Keep things simple. The simpler and routine your food and fitness plan, the better you’ll do. Habit, routine, simplicity, autopilot. Why? If we wing it, ...
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What are pro inflammatory foods?

Strive to consume foods that may reduce inflammatory pathways in the body. What are pro inflammatory foods? Foods particularly high in saturated fat such as ...
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Do seed oils slow weight loss?

Should we eat seed oils?

Should we foods with seed oils? What are seed oils?  They include corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed oil among others. Physiologically, excess seed oils may ...
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Processed vs. unprocessed foods for weight loss

Do processed foods lead to weight gain?

Why eat unprocessed whole foods instead of processed? Processed foods typically have the fiber removed. Unprocessed do not. What are processed foods? White flour products ...
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The power of habits to help you reach weight loss goals.

The power of habits to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Creating and maintaining mini habits is a powerful tool in your toolbox to reach your weight loss goals. Create habits around meals, food shopping, prepping, ...
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how to lose weight and keep it off? consistency

Hunger, hormones and weight loss, what’s the connection?

What drives hunger? While hunger is complex, grehlin is the main hunger hormone, that is released mostly from the stomach. As grehlin increases, so does ...
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