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Live longer and healthier with greater endurance

How to live longer and healthier?

How to live longer and healthier? According to a 2018 study, those with rhe highest aerobic fitness, brisk walk, run, swim, bike etc., had a ...
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Does sunlight curb hunger?

Does sunlight curb hunger?

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How to reverse heart disease?

Can diet reverse or prevent heart disease?

Can the right nutrition program prevent or reverse heart disease? There is research going back to the 1980’s that shows how diet, stress management, and ...
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Nutritionist Lutherville-Timonium MD | Nutrition Coaching Center

How to achieve excellent health? Check out the 7 pillars of health!

How to achieve excellent health?  Use the 7 pillars a foundation to creating the healthiest version of you! Check out the 7 pillars here: Pure, ...
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9 tips for dealing with hunger when losing weight.

Dealing with hunger with weight loss? My 9 favorite tips!

9 tips for handling hunger: 1. Have a simple food/meal plan daily that becomes a habit and plan for non routine days. 2. Eat a ...
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processed foods and weight loss

One simple tool to handle cravings?

What is a simple, but powerful tool to handle cravings? I’ve used this strategy for years losing and keeping off 30 lbs. It’s called the ...
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